Kimaya Healthcare

Women are the creators. Even our ancient Hindu mythology has depicted women to be the jack of all trades. Women are responsible for creating lives and, it is our responsibility to take care of the creators. Their contribution to our lives is incomparable. God has made women in a way such that they will silently perform their duty without even raising their voice.

Shweta moved to Gurgaon from Kanpur after college and fell in love with the city instantly, the millennium vibe and growth opportunities that are available in NCR are ideal for Shweta who had dreams to make it big.

While working in the MNC, she met Dinesh and eventually both of them got married. Shweta and Dinesh were soon delighted to know that Shweta was pregnant.

The news brought immense joy but at the same time, Shweta and Dinesh had to look for the right gynaecologist and hospital for herself and her baby. “It is most essential that I and my baby get the best care possible. In today’s stressful environment, it is vital that I connect on an emotional level as well with my doctor.” Says Shweta.

Like any other well-educated expecting mother, Shweta decided to use google to read the articles and blogs on pregnancy and mother and childcare. She also ordered many books online and spent hours talking to relative and friends about which gynaecologist to go to.

A close friend suggested “Dr. Deepika is great, she said. She will spend the time with you and her experience is second to none. I can recommend Dr. Deepika from my own experience, said Nandita.

An apprehensive Shweta called Dr.Deepika and Shweta instantly connected with Dr. Deepika after the initial dialogue. “What I really liked is Dr. Deepika patience and knowledge in answering my most basic queries. She could understand that I am a first-time mother and I have a million questions running through my mind.”, said Shweta.

The first appointment further strengthened Shweta’s decision to finalize Dr. Deepika as her gynaecologist. Shweta was impressed with Dr. Deepika detailed knowledge and explanation on the factors that need to be taken care of by the mother and the father during pregnancy.

Dr. Deepika and Kimaya Healthcare specifically cater to women’s health and lifestyle management. It is a women-led venture undertaken by its founders, who are the most experienced experts in such domains.

“I listen to the patients carefully and, after putting the diagnosis forward, I try to create a warm environment for the patients to feel comfortable. This relationship of trust between the doctor and patient is what makes Kimaya Healthcare stand out.” says Dr.Deepika.

Moreover, the clinic is in the heart of Gurugram that makes it accessible to most people. The doctors provide accurate diagnosis after going through the issues of people. In pregnancy-related complications, keeping calm and providing necessary treatment with all safety measures is very crucial. However, the doctors at Kimaya Healthcare blend all qualities for hassle-free women-led and other healthcare services.