For several weeks now, this dress signed Lirika Matoshi has been a dazzling success on the Web. In pink tulle and adorned with strawberries with red sequins, this piece has it all!

After Chanel’s scratch sandal, it is the turn of the “strawberry dress” to fascinate fashionistas around the world. Designed by Lirika Matoshi, this pink tulle dress fully embroidered with sequined strawberries is a huge hit on the Internet. From TikTok to Instagram via Twitter, the magical side of this “strawberry dress” fascinates Internet users, so much so that searches for it on Google have even climbed 738% at the beginning of August! But if the piece imagined by the Kosovar stylist is time to talk about her today, it was actually created a year ago, in 2019. It was the plus size model Tess Holliday who wore it for the very first time at the Grammy Awards, in January 2020.

A dress that makes the buzz

Since July, the “strawberry dress” has been making the buzz on the Web, and it is its designer who is delighted! “ I was so excited to see the dress go viral and the support from my fans has been amazing. The dress itself reflects my message as a designer to bring a little bit of whimsy and happiness into the lives of others. “she told NBC . Moreover, the creations of the stylist are almost all inspired by her childhood and her romantic universe necessarily reminds us of the Disney princesses. Treat yourself to the famous “strawberry dress”, however, has a cost: $ 490. And for an additional 50 dollars, you can now buy the matching mask.