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  • The Hospitality Industry stands to be one of the worst-hit industries in the country due to the pandemic
  • The lockdown caused the shutdown of 53000 Hotels & 70 Lakh Restaurants nationwide overnight, jeopardizing 4.3 crore jobs that makeup 9% of India’s Employment, endangering an Industry that generates Rs 17 lakh crore yearly, contributing roughly 10% of India’s GDP
  • MarketinCrew has documented The Impact of COVID on the Hospitality industry, interviewing representatives of FHRAI, AHAR, and various restaurant, café, and hotel owners, trying to showcase the impact of the pandemic on the industry first hand.
  • The 3 episode series, that released across Social Media Platforms on 29-6-2021 was made available on MarketinCrew’s Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube, accompanied with AHAR’s petition to Hon. CM Shri. Uddhav Thackeray, which has garnered 2750+ signatures in the past 5 days since its launch

Mumbai, Maharashtra: An Agency that works with restaurants, hotels, and cafes to grow their social digital presence. MarketinCrew is closely associated with the Hospitality industry. When the lockdown was initiated, it drastically affected the Hospitality Industry. It indirectly affected companies that depend on them as clientele. “We were one of those companies and we decided to do something about it. We wanted to get a firsthand account of the situation and its Impact, so we created this 3 episode documentary called “The COVID Impact on the Hospitality Industry” in order to gather attention on the issue and contribute to improving the situation”, said Manan Mehta, Founder, MarketinCrew.

This documentary is in collaboration with AHAR (Indian Hotel & Restaurant Association) to start a petition to Hon. CM Shri. Uddhav Thackeray seeking financial relief for the industry and requesting the concerned authorities to open restaurants and hotels again for normal or limited operations, with all safety guidelines in place.

The documentary is divided into 3 episodes:

  • Episode 1 –  FHRAI & AHAR

Features Gurbaxish Singh Kohli (Vice President of FHRAI & Jt. Managing Director at Pritam Group of Hotels) &Dr. Satish B. Shetty(Vice President of Zone – X, AHAR & Owner of Daffodils 23, Borivali), asking them how they are addressing the situation as an association and trying to understanding the direct effect of this pandemic on the Hospitality Industry.

  • Episode 2 –  Hospitality Brands

features national brands like London Bubble Co., The Rolling Pin, SpiceKlub, multi-chain brands like Chai PeCharcha, and other local restaurants, bars, and cafes. There are interviews of Brand owners and partners. This episode talks about how brands are combating the situation, how they plan to get out of this, and what are the direct and indirect impacts that this pandemic has had on their businesses.

  • Episode 3 – The Future

After understanding the impact of the Pandemic on the industry by interviewing Representatives Of FHRAI & AHAR in Episode 1 and talking to brand owners in Episode 2, the series ends on a positive note. Brand owners talking about what they are most looking forward to, once things come back to normal.

Every episode is accompanied by a link to sign the petition to Hon. CM Shri. Uddhav Thackeray to Re-open Hotels and Restaurants & Financial Assistance to the Hospitality Industry. With 2750+ signatures already in, MarketinCrew plans to reach 20000 before it can take the petition to Hon. CM Shri. Uddhav Thackeray.

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