The lilac is undoubtedly THE star color of spring-summer. In addition to illuminating the complexion, this pretty pastel purple brings a breeze of softness and freshness to your looks. Fashionistas have understood it well, all have replaced black with this luminous color that smacks of the return of sunny days! And we too want to be tempted …

How to wear lilac?

To wear lilac, several possibilities are available to you. The more discreet among us will prefer to adopt the color lilac by small touches , by choosing for example a small handbag or a clutch, a pair of socks, sneakers or a pair of flat or heeled sandals. 

Are you more daring? Opt for a lilac blazer that you will associate with jeans, and under which you will slip a simple white t-shirt. This option applies to all lilac-colored tops: sweatshirt, pullover, t-shirt etc. If you like the retro side of lilac, we recommend choosing a straight or pleated blouse or midi skirt instead .

Finally, those who have found a real passion for this color will dare the total lilac look . For spring, we offer you the blazer dress option associated with a pair of boots or a pair of white heeled sandals if the temperatures allow it. Another hot outfit to try: the lilac pantsuit . With pumps or a pair of white sneakers, it’s the chic and elegant look that we love!

So, do our ideas make you want to try lilac? That’s good, you should find what you are looking for in our 100% lilac selection!