While more and more French people go to work from their homes, it is recommended to get up very regularly to walk, recalls Pascale Santi in her column in “Le Monde”.

Ten thousand steps and more. Sedentary behaviors are more and more significant in everyday life. Almost half of French people sit for more than seven hours a day, due in particular to the increase in the time spent in front of screens. Unsurprisingly, the containment imposed by the Covid-19 epidemic did not help matters. Teleworking, which also has benefits, will continue for millions of employees, which risks limiting physical activity and increasing sedentary lifestyle.

In recent years, recommendations aimed at reducing a sedentary lifestyle have been added to those of practicing physical activity (moving at least thirty minutes a day). “We have to distinguish between the time of physical activity and the time spent sitting” , insists Julie Boiché, lecturer at the Faculty of Sports Sciences at the University of Montpellier. The time spent sitting or lying down while awake is a risk factor for health. And this, regardless of the level of physical activity. This deleterious effect is all the stronger as the durations are long. The stake is colossal: a sedentary lifestyle is responsible for 10% of deaths in Europe, according to the World Health Organization.

“The less we move, the more we eat. This is the classic circuit of leptin [the hormone that regulates satiety and metabolism]  ” , summarizes Professor François Carré, cardiologist and sports doctor at Rennes University Hospital. Indeed, “when we are inactive, we tend to eat more than necessary and often foods rich in fat and sugar” , underlines a note from the National Observatory of Physical Activity and Sedentary Life (Onaps).

“It is therefore recommended to find strategies to remain seated for a shorter time during the working day and / or if it is complicated, to create breaks” , explains Julie Boiché, who recognizes that there is no consensus on duration.

Depending on the work, it is suggested to get up every half hour, up to every two hours. The health security organization Public Health France (SpF), in its Coviprev investigation into these issues during confinement, recommended to “get up several times an hour, the recommendation during confinement being to do so at least every half hour “ .