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Tenu kartaye ni aunda insaaf dilliye, teri niyat bhi ni lagdi saff dilliye, sunn Dilliye… (Listen Government, you don’t know the justice and your intention is not cleared for farmers)

This ‘heads up‘is from the song “sunn Dilliye”, composed and sung by popular Punjabi singer Kulldeep Sandhu, in support of farmers protesting Farm Bill 2020 against Delhi central government.

Sunn Dilliye” has earned rapid attention on the internet and different social media platforms. The lyrics written by S Mukhtiar are narrating the struggle of farmers against Farm law and the injustice of government.

Who is Kulldeep Sandhu?

Kulldeep Sandhu

Kulldeep Sandhu is a famous Punjabi singer, composer, and music producer. He has produced and composed many songs of different genres. He is famous for composing and producing Punjabi Folk and Indian classical music. He also has composed songs for Indian famous singer Daler Mehandi. He started his career by playing Tabla when he was young and by 30 he reached the peak as a music composer and producer.

As music director Kulldeep Sandhu has composed Punjabi and Hindi music for more than 100 albums just in the last 8 years, among these “ Mehsoos ”, “ Maati ”, “ Sai Mahima “, “ Wahe Guru “, “ Tu Meri “,  “ Chitta “, “ Dress up “, songs have earned a lot of popularity. Sandhu is also famous for composing Bhakti songs, his composed Bhakti songs “Bhole ki saran men”, “Shiv Mahima”, “Shiv Om Namah” are played during Kanwar yatra in India. He has recorded songs in India’s most reputed studios like T-series, Venus, Sony India, and JMF.

Today Kulldeep Sandhu has established his well-equipped studio named “Angel Beats” in Delhi. Alike popular studios in Mumbai, “Angel beats Studio” has become the first choice of artist to record the album because of high technology being used to compose and produce the music at the studio.

Known Indian singers like Anuradha Paudwal, Sures Wadekar, Daler Mehandi, Kamal Khan, Harbhajan Maan Tarun Sagar have recorded the voice for his composition.

Besides being a famous Indian Music composer, Kulldeep Sandhu is also a good singer. His song “Selfie” and “Dhol Bajda” proves his vocal quality.

Sandhu also has composed and recorded music for India’s national Channel “ Doordarshan India “ and official radio station all India radio.

He has earned a reputation to work with clients like Maruti Suzuki, Zee, Samsung, Live India, and Amity International.

In his personal life, Kulldeep Sandhu has his happy family with wife Avneet Kaur and two girls Komaldeep Sandhu and Angeldeep Sandhu.

In his musical journey, TJ Sandhu is always there with him to assist and many other artists accompany him like lyricist Dinesh Deepak, GR Kant, Ravi Chopra, Smukhtiar.

According to Mr.Sandhu “When I started my musical journey I was alone but now many supporting hands hold me to be supported and  journey as a music producer, singer, and composer is still on and many hit songs are still to be played.”