article graphic – The Virtual Office Company, has become the most preferred and trusted Service provider for Corporates and start-ups these days for Virtual Office Services.

The company (NSS IT) was founded back in 2018, with a Vision “To Provide Business solutions to the entrepreneurs, by shifting their conventional mindset and enabling them to scale business without incurring bad cost.”

Entrepreneurs and Businesses can reduce up to 95% of their office rentals with

With a prominent presence across all the 29 states in India, is serving thousands of businesses and saving millions of rupees of businesses bad cost and office rentals bills of entrepreneurs with their Virtual Office Services in the Last 4 years of their Business Operations.

With the popularisation of Work-From-Home culture across world and India, corporate world and start-ups are saving a lot on their office rentals bills and reducing their fixed costs by shifting to the Virtual Office Services with Small office rented for a start-up usually costs around 2.5 lakhs a year. Most of the start-ups are likely to use a physical office space for showing their presence, either for an impactful commercial address or for obtaining Government Licences such as GST Registration, Business Registrations, for mailing address and various other formalities. However, with Virtual Office Services, this cost can be reduced to just Rs. 20,000-25,000 for a year, saving 95% of the rental costs. Companies can use professional business centres & co-working Spaces to register for any Government Licences or using the fancy address for their business.

“E-commerce sellers are considering the Virtual Office Services as a blessing to Onboard with e-commerce companies and obtaining GST registration in any state at a very reasonable pricing. is serving many e-commerce companies for fulfilling the seller Onboarding requirements across India for Principal Place of Business and Additional Place of Business.” is bringing a big shift in the world of Office spaces, elevating the efficiency of business organisations. It is by far considered the best choice among start-ups and established businesses for their Virtual Office requirements.