Alton, Hampshire, United Kingdom, 03 February 2022 – Scientific European (the popular science magazine bringing significant research, news, and developments in science & technology to young minds and general readers worldwide) is now available in several languages including Indian languages such as Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Nepali, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, and Urdu.

Umesh Prasad, the founder & editor of Scientific European said, ‘’ We live in an age when society is largely based on science and technology. Science is more than just a body of knowledge, it’s a way of thinking that need to be inculcated and nurtured in students and youths. Therefore, inspiring young minds for future engagement in scientific research and innovation is at the heart of economic development and prosperity of a society. The best way to do this is to expose them to latest happenings and scientific & technological developments in their mother tongue or the first language for easy comprehension, appreciation and inspiration.

The Indian language versions of Scientific European will greatly benefit students from semi-urban and rural areas who do/did not receive English education hence remain cut off from latest scientific & technological developments. The idea is to connect science to society especially exposing young minds to latest research and developments in science and technology, to motivate them to become innovators and researchers by pursuing a career in science & technology’’.

The editorial team identify relevant original research articles published in reputed peer-reviewed journals in the recent months and present the breakthrough discoveries in a simple language that is appreciable to general readers. The stories of recent advances in science and technology are thus made available to the readers in their own languages as well.

Scientific European aids in disseminating the scientific information in a manner that is easily accessible and comprehensible to a general audience who would otherwise might be oblivious to its existence. This propagation of scientific knowledge to general people, particularly students and the young generation will contribute in popularizing science and may stimulate them intellectually to choose scientific research as a career.

The USP of the magazine is the availability at the end of the article of a list of sources with details and links to the original research articles, so that anyone interested can go and read the relevant research paper simply by clicking the link provided.

Scientific European, abbreviated as SCIEU was founded by Umesh Prasad, an Indian-origin doctor and former university teacher settled in Britain. During his school and college times in a small town, he had always felt need of a high-quality science magazine in his mother tongue to connect to developments in science and technology.

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