Free Credit Score and Credit Counselling By Credit Help India

Credit Help India which is Fintech and helping individuals and companies to improve their credit score and credit history since 2014. The ongoing global pandemic Covid19 has devastated our lives and has shaken the economy and business badly. There has been the loss of sales, shutting down of the business, job loss, and salary cuts.  Due to all this, there have been defaults and delays in the repayment of loans and credit cards which have affected the credit score of individuals and companies. A credit score which is a three-digit no decides whether you will be given a loan or not.

For someone who needs to borrow money from a bank or another financial institution at some point in life, the Credit score is very significant. The credit given is a matter of trusting the financial institution. And with a strong track record that can be done. That’s exactly what a credit report is. It tracks how you were with previously borrowed money during your financial life.

A good credit score gives an idea to Banks and Lending Institutions of how you can repay the amount lent. Therefore, a high credit score must be maintained. The credit bureaus of the country determine a credit score after taking into account many factors, such as the history of repayment, credit exposure, and mix of credit, credit inquiries, and the period of the credit history. A credit score ranges from 300 to 900. A credit score of 750 and above is usually considered good suitable for lenders. You should then still take action to have a credit score close to 900. Let’s discuss how important it is to have a healthy credit score.

There is a myth that a credit score can not be improved once it is spoiled but it is not true. We at credit help India helping such individuals who have lost their creditworthiness due to default on repayment of EMIs and credit card bills. We are helping such individuals to restore their credit scores and creditworthiness. We are providing credit reports and credit counseling free of cost. In just two minutes you can download a free credit report from our web portal. Our experienced credit counselors make an individual understand his/her credit score and his credit health. Our credit counselors explain what is his/ her latest credit score, where does he/she stands, what are factors are bringing down the credit score. We suggest ways to improve credit scores and restore good credit health through one-to-one communication.