A gauche, les militants tentent de mobiliser l’électorat afro-américain, quand les électeurs de droite affichent sans hésitation leur soutien pour le président sortant, Donald Trump.

We had met Desmond Meade, 52, in Florida, during the midterm elections of November 6, 2018. That evening was, for the former African-American inmate, a consecration, when two-thirds of voters in Florida decided by referendum to restore their civil rights to former convicts who had served their sentence. “When it happened, it was extraordinary: I saw people cry, who took me in their arms, because they were going to be able to vote before dying” , he confides to us, he who had fallen. in drugs and who was released in 2004 after three years in prison.

Mr Meade, married and father of five children, had won the fight of his life, that of dignity and rights regained after having served his sentence. Except that in the United States, when you won, you didn’t really win, especially when you are a former African-American prisoner. “It fell into the hands of arrogant politicians , ” he laments.

The Republican-dominated Florida Congress strictly interpreted the referendum in implementing legislation, demanding that convicts pay their debts and fines: “What is appalling is that they are forcing people to choose. between paying their debt or paying for their family’s evening meal. “

Every voice counts

The case, which has led to multiple appeals, is pending before a federal appeal court. “It will end up before the Supreme Court of the United States,” said Mr. Meade, who smokes cigarette after cigarette, without a mask, in the parking lot of his office in Orlando.