Novuszilla team builds an all in one crypto platform, consisting of a virtual world which introduces you with the Metaverse. Blockchain is a one go solution to eliminate third party and have the control in our hand.

Novuszilla aims to build a platform which gives you the best experience of Blockchain technology and lets the world be a part of it. Novuszilla’s NFT Marketplace launches celebrity NFTs meaning tokenizing their digital artwork and connecting fans to their favorite artists through the means of NFTs and crypto currencies providing the artists their deserved rewards and making it feasible for every fan to reach their favorite artist with their point of interests. To execute this vision Novuszilla has established this all in one platform, which comprises NFT Marketplace, Crypto Exchange, solutions for data management, crypto wallet, Staking and Metaverse Betting Applications with immortal digital avatar. Novuszilla aims to grow together through the means of indulging in new technologies, benefiting everyone participating in it. The community has a vision of a system that scales to billions of transactions a second, a system open to anyone globally, a system that costs no more than a thousandth of a cent for a standard transaction of 250 byte, no matter where you are in the world and no matter what you are doing. A system that is completely traceable and works within the existing legal structures.

Novuszilla through Bitcon1 aims to create such a framework which makes it feasible for every sector to build a trustable and reliable data ledger system. An open-source toolkit which will streamline the deployment of blockchain throughout a broad and diverse sector. Very simply, Bitcon1 is a system designed to grow with transactions and allow the transfer of value globally, within milliseconds, without all the existing cost infrastructures that an expensive system like the Visa network or the Mastercard network brings with it. Finally, Bitcon1 is set in stone. The protocol is fixed. In other words, any transaction made today will work in a year and a decade or a century from today. If you write a transaction and sign it and hold it off-chain, the same transaction will remain valid and be processed by a miner without any need for resigning or alterations as long as the system is functioning. For instance, if Bitcon1 is working 200 years from now, somebody writing a transaction today can expect and have a contractual right to have the transaction sent to the network and processed by a miner in two centuries from today. The protocol doesn’t change. The community is grateful to Novuszilla for introducing this biggest decentralised finance based system and helping youth grow with this.