WearArt is a new unique clothing brand that is set to launch soon. The brand is founded by two young entrepreneurs, Deepika and Jass Sarang, who in their 20s, have a passion for bringing lost artforms back to the forefront. Deepika is responsible for all of the designs, while Jass handles the distribution and management of the brand.

Jass and Deepika, came together to create WearArt, a unique clothing brand that fuses art with fashion. The couple first met online, bonding over their shared love of creativity and self-expression through art. Despite the distance between them, their connection was undeniable and they fell in love.

Deepika, a talented artist, has struggled throughout her life but has used her struggles to fuel her artistic fire. Her emotive and stunning pieces have gained her a reputation in the art world. Jass, with a passion for art, saw an opportunity to combine his love of style with Deepika’s talent for art. Together, they founded WearArt, a brand that offers clothing adorned with Deepika’s artwork.

Jass and Deepika’s love for each other and their shared passion for art has brought them to where they are today. WearArt is a celebration of love and creativity and the couple hopes to inspire others to follow their dreams and pursue their passions.

One of the key features of WearArt is its focus on Indian art forms, such as Madhubani, Kalamkari, and Mandala etc. These art forms are often overlooked in modern fashion, but WearArt aims to change that by incorporating them into their clothing designs.

In addition to featuring Indian art forms, WearArt also plans to showcase art from other countries in their collections. They believe that by featuring a diverse range of art forms, they can not only bring attention to different cultures, but also inspire people to learn more about the art forms and the cultures they represent.

The founders of WearArt, Deepika and Jass, believe that by wearing art on their clothes, people can not only express their personal style, but also show their appreciation for different cultures and art forms.

In addition to their unique designs, WearArt also aims to be a sustainable and socially responsible brand. They plan to use eco-friendly materials in their clothing and give back to the communities where the art forms they feature originate. They believe that by being socially responsible, they can not only make a positive impact on the world, but also set an example for other fashion brands to follow.

Overall, WearArt is a brand that is sure to make a splash in the fashion industry. With their focus on lost art forms, cultural diversity, and sustainability, they are poised to become a leader in the world of art-related clothing. If you are a fan of art, culture, and fashion, then WearArt is definitely a brand that you will want to keep an eye on in the future. So, stay tuned for the launch of WearArt, and get ready to experience the art, culture, and fashion of the world in a whole new way.

WearArt Collection – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pnB4ouPbodM

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/wearartstore/

Website – https://www.wearartstore.com/