CentralAsia (MNG) –  Minister of Environment and Tourism D. Sarangarel met with the head of the cooperation department of the Swiss Cooperation Agency and Consulate in Mongolia, Ph.D. Stephanie Burri, and discussed the current state of cooperation between the two countries and the possibilities of its further expansion to a new level.

Cooperation between the two countries began in 2002 with humanitarian work, and today the countries cooperate in many areas, including transboundary water issues, agriculture, waste, air pollution and climate change.
Stephanie Burri, Ph.D., said that at the meeting she would like to exchange views on how to expand the cooperation over the next four years and on the possibilities to take it to the next level, because they intend to complete the bilateral cooperation from 2024 and bring it to the level of partnership. or at the same level of participation. In doing so, the parties can decide together and work for mutual benefit. In addition to implementing projects and programs in countries, the agency is conducting regional studies on agriculture, transboundary water management and other issues and intends to include Mongolia in them.

For her part, Minister D. Sarangerel expressed gratitude for cooperation with SDC in many areas and support for each other’s initiatives at the international level. “Of these, education for sustainable development is a priority. I emphasize that it is urgent to pay attention to the education of citizens, especially children, to foster love for the Motherland and a good attitude to nature. Moreover, Mongolia has identified tourism as an economic priority. In this context, we are working to provide tourism training during the Covid-19 pandemic. Switzerland is a great travel destination. Therefore, we want to learn from experience and organize online conferences, ”Sarangerel said.