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Naya11 has launched group contests which is first in the history of fantasy sports.

The mobile application Naya11 has launched a group contest that enables users to play in partnership and divide the winnings among them. This creative idea marked Naya11 in the history of fantasy sports as they are the first to launch group contests. The application confirmed contests in every league and assured ranks to real people and not bots. Instant winnings will transfer to wallets with extra cashback and bonus. They assured about 50 percent off on the 11th team and a daily 10 % fee back too.

Naya11 application has released their steps and rules of joining group contest. You can join a group contest by paying to join fees. One person can pay the fees for the whole team and is the responsibility of the group owner to collect the fees from other members registered with Naya11. According to the applications policy, each group member can join the group with one team only and cannot be removed or leave from the group. Finally, the prize money will be distributed equally between group members.

They not only just announced the group contests but also launched innovative offers too. Add cash offer is the initial one that provides the facility to deposit cash and get additional cash added to the wallet amount. This scheme is for each add amount transaction and not total transaction done for a period of time and is valid till 15th Oct 2021

The second scheme is ‘join with 11 teams’ and is valid for contest joining with multiple teams. This scheme offers 50 percentage joining fees of the 11th team back to the wallet. It is valid till 30th Nov 2021.

The Other offers include play at least one contest for all matches of a day and get about 10 percent of the Joining fees paid to bonus balance and play any contest 40 times in a month to get every 41st contest free. Both contests are valid till 30 November 2021.

The innovative algorithm which can create new ranks, prize pools, prize distribution based upon the number of players joined ensures bigger leagues are confirmed even if less people get joined. They believe that this algorithm creates interest within the mind of players as every contest is confirmed and there are winners every contest.

Naya11 has put this effort on this season to make an impact on cricket lovers. In fact, they launched an affiliate scheme focusing on fantasy cricket influences who are having followers. The leaderboard contest has launched with an idea to provide about 1 lakh Rs. to the top-ranked person who achieves top points by the end of 15th Oct 2021. The prize will be distributed to the top 50 winners. Naya11 announced that the contest will be applicable for all matches other than IPL also and valid till 15th Oct 2021. As IPL and the World cup coming, they are having a maximum of hundred crores winning prize pool to be won by fantasy players. With Naya11 having a no-bot policy, this 100Cr in winnings is up for grab. Naya11 proves to be a low-risk high returns app with multiple schemes launched this cricketing season.