IPB or Indian Parenting Blog is a blogging platform dedicated to providing up-to-date and relevant information on Indian parenting. Be it lifestyle, or child nurturing, IPB has been providing informational parenting services for over 3 years.

IPB is a blog that assists people in becoming better parents. The blog also offers personal care advice that focuses on health and self-improvement. More often than not, the blogging platform provides information on motherhood, practical parenting advice for time-pressed parents, and specific diets for soon-to-be mothers. In addition, IPB regularly reviews health and wellness products, baby-mom items, FMGC, and lifestyle products.

They’ve also collaborated with a number of brands, including Urban Organic Life, Just Bumm, Candybloom, Riverhood, Earthen Affair, and many others. IPB provides reviews on their website, which has a DA of 59, for brand collaborations in particular. Furthermore, the blogging platform offers the following advantages for different collaborations:

  • Mention in all stories relating to the collaboration post
  • Review reel for social media platforms
  • A social media post on all platforms
  • Review blog posts with one do-follow link
  • Consistent brand promotion in conjunction with the campaign
  • One-week-long giveaway sweepstakes
  • Winner announcement posts

When it comes to working with brands, the platform delivers review posts with a do-follow link that Google caches, allowing brands to benefit for over a year. Instead of focusing on short-term stories or shout-outs, the blogging platform uses review posts to build long-term backlinks.

Recently, IPB also collaborated with five well-known mom influencers on the occasion of Mother’s Day. They collaborated with Tanya Khubchandani, Dr. Nimrata Bindra, Prerna Sinha, Pulkit S Arora, and Priyal Poddar and featured them in a listing post on its website.

Furthermore, IPB has a sizable following on social media sites such as Facebook. The blogging platform received 717,096 Facebook impressions in the preceding month alone. IPB continues to grow in popularity and move into new areas, but most importantly, aims at building a community for all parents and parenting enthusiasts.

Other forms of partnership offered by the blogging platform include guest articles and banner advertisements on the website. As a result, IPB is a community for all parenting lovers. IPB offers something for everyone, from parents to brands and influencers. Parents are more likely to discover practical, easy-to-follow, and accurate parenting advice when multiple parenting experts come together on a single platform.

Website: https://indianparentingblog.com/