The leader in international expansion services for Small and Mid-Cap companies is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. On this occasion, M+V ALTIOS is proud to be a part of the ALTIOS Group and look back on the major stages of the journey so far…

The starting point: a vision, an innovative project

With the growth of international trade, all companies are asking themselves questions about their internationalization. Looking back 30 years, the geopolitical context was very different – the structuring of the European Union, integration of China into the WTO, continued growth of the United States, the rise of the BRICS, economic cycles in Latin America, etc. However, the constraints companies face conquering foreign markets remain the same today.

To start and then permanently establish an international business, SMEs and Mid-Caps are faced with complex, long, and costly efforts. They do not necessarily have the expertise, financial resources, or local support networks needed to successfully expand their operations on foreign markets.

On the other hand, many opportunities come with international expansion. This is a strategic issue for Small and Mid-Cap companies. The competitiveness of companies is increasingly assessed in terms of their ability to take advantage of the internationalization of markets and the opportunities for growth, innovation, and inspiration that this brings.

ALTIOS was born out of this observation in 1991 with a simple idea to meet the international development ambitions of exporting companies. ALTIOS is the story of a passion for international business and the meeting of 5 personalities – Bruno Mascart, David Gerard, Patrick Ferron, Boris Lechevalier, and Klaus Maier – focusing on 3 key pillars:

  1. To offer companies an extensive network of global locations, strategically positioned in growth markets to facilitate their integration into new markets, countries, and cultures.
  2. To design complete and operational solutions integrated under one roof, to facilitate their expansion at every step of their international journey: strategy, business development, recruitment, HR services, subsidiary management, acquisition, industrial establishment,
  3. To gather around this innovative support model a powerful ecosystem of international partners, fueling augmented growth and synergies to take advantage of global opportunities: government agencies, private equity firms, banks, trade associations, etc.

ALTIOS has developed over the years to become the leading international advisory firm for Small and Mid-Cap companies wanting to expand in the G30, with nearly 750 talented employees in 22 countries. ALTIOS has remained independent, with its partners and managers holding 100% of its shares.

In 30 years of activity, ALTIOS has supported more than 10,500 businesses in Europe, the Americas and Asia to simplify their expansion process and facilitate their establishment in multiple global markets.

30 years of expansion: Highlights

1991: Founded in Sydney, Australia by Bruno Mascart. Assisting European companies in their development and establishment in Australia. 3 employees.

1997: Creation of the first ALTIOS office in France in Nantes by David Gerard, after 2 years in the Australian office. 9 employees.

1999: Patrick Ferron joins the company. ALTIOS moves to a strategy of supporting companies in each of the world’s regions with the establishment of partners in the United States (North America), Argentina (South America), and China (Asia), in addition to Australia (Pacific) and France (Europe). 18 employees.

2003: Boris Lechevalier joins the company with the creation of the second ALTIOS office in France in Lyon. Integration of the USA and Brazil offices (after the closure of the office in Argentina) through organic growth. 27 employees.

2005: Establishment in India (New Delhi) through organic growth.  45 employees.

2008: Signing of a strategic partnership with the Crédit Agricole Group through an acquisition opportunity which also allows the company to benefit from a network of 150 partners in 50 countries. ALTIOS becomes the exclusive partner of Crédit Agricole and LCL for the internationalization of their French corporate clients. Evolution of ALTIOS’ strategy to expand its footprint and to focus on the 20 largest world markets with the integration of projects in Europe and the Middle East. 72 employees.

2011: New subsidiaries in Mexico, Russia, and Germany through organic growth.  136 employees.

2012: Acquisition of a leading firm in Poland and Eastern Europe. Launch of an innovative offering, International Strategy Practice, dedicated to fast-growing companies facing international changes. 165 employees.

2013: Opening of new subsidiaries in Asia – Hong Kong through organic growth and Singapore through acquisition.  188 employees.

2014: Development of Trade & Invest services dedicated to government agencies to facilitate internationalization of their businesses and attract foreign investors to their territory: Austrade, Select USA, Invest Quebec, and DIT… 215 employees.

2015: Opening of Canada and the UK through organic growth. Development of partnerships with investment funds aimed at providing international development paths for their business holdings. 246 employees.

2016: Opening of Italy through organic growth. Extension of the partnership to Credit Agricole Italy to provide international support to their Italian corporate clients. 265 employees.

2018: Opening of Spain and Dubai through organic growth. Partnership with Santander UK to provide international support to their British corporate clients. 292 employees.

2019: Partnership with the National Bank of Canada and Development Bank of Canada for the internationalization of Canadian companies. Launch of the new External Growth Practice dedicated to cross-border acquisition for Small and Mid-Cap companies. 350 employees.

2020: Opening of Vietnam, Malaysia, and New Zealand through organic growth. Launch of the new ALTIOS visual identity to assert its origins and influence in this new decade. 384 employees.

2021: Acquisition of an international consulting firm in Spain to strengthen our services in the Spanish market. Merger with M+V (300 employees), the leader in the establishment of German companies in India, and a new partner in the holding company, Klaus Maier. Launch of the Global HR Solution, dedicated to international HR recruitment, management, performance, and mobility. 750 employees.

Since 1991, ALTIOS has carried out 10,500+ internationalization projects, set up 1,700 local entities, and manage 2,000+ employees on behalf of its clients as they expand around the world.

New business needs: from Export to Internationalization

Over the past two decades, we have seen a profound change in strategies that our clients choose for their international expansion. They increasingly want to keep control of their operations and their clientele so as not to depend on commercial partners (distributors, agents, etc.) who do not allow them to fully control their market, their pricing policy, or simply their business strategy.

ALTIOS’ services have thus evolved considerably over the last few years to go beyond traditional marketing and sales assistance services. In increasingly competitive international markets, and even more so in the high-potential Tier I markets, an exporting company must facilitate the purchase of its products by its customers and anticipate a local presence, even if it is only slight, to accelerate and sustain its development.

ALTIOS has developed to offer real expertise integrating all the internationalization solutions enabling companies to expand at each stage of their growth on a market.

Solutions adapted to each key stage of internationalization

  1. Strategize: definition of the international expansion plan, potential, organization, roadmap, financing,
  2. Expand: establishment of commercial networks abroad, market research, business development, strategic partnerships,
  3. Set up: by providing HR solutions (recruitment, management, hosting…) and/or management of foreign subsidiaries (incorporation, accounting administration, tax…),
  4. Investment: through industrial implementation (build) or external growth (buy).

An integrated global network of 35 local offices covering 22 countries (85% of global GDP)

  1. Americas: USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil
  2. Europe Middle East: UK, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Poland/Eastern Europe, Czech Republic, Russia, UAE
  3. Asia Pacific: India, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore/Southeast Asia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand

Team of energetic, entrepreneurial, and multicultural experts working from a unique network of offices around the globe

750+ employees, 30 nationalities, 36 languages spoken

Through this experience, ALTIOS International has developed know-how in a large number of sectors:

  1. Agri-food
  2. Health & medical
  3. Technology
  4. Consumer goods
  5. Aeronautics & Automotive
  6. Agri-food equipment
  7. Construction & Environment
  8. Retail & Services

Strong values as a development principle

Our values represent who we are, what brings us together and what we believe in.

Listening-We care for our clients throughout the world through a trusting relationship built on integrity, honesty, and sustainability.

Entrepreneurship-We share with our clients the spirit of conquest and adventure. Our playground has no boundaries: we never stop exploring new opportunities to grow across the world.

Agility-We bring a rich base of experience and a broad global perspective, source of added value, innovation, and progress.

Passion-We bring together men and women from around the world who are passionate about international. We thrive by revealing the markets that are opening up to our clients and their international growth.

Team spirit-We are convinced that the diversity of our expertise and cultures, and our collective dynamic, enable us to go faster, higher, and further together.

Trusted partners of internationalized Small and Mid-Cap companies

“It’s great to be part of the ALTIOS Group. 30 years are more than a guarantee of success for the group and since joining in 2020 we have been able to offer the same opportunities of international support to German speaking companies. I look forward to the next 30 years continuing in the same direction: Representing clients in their best interests, being a source of proposals and continually evolving to play our role as an international facilitator as effectively as possible,” says Klaus Maier, Altios Partner and founder of M+V Altios.

« Since its creation, growth has always been a key driver for ALTIOS. The company will therefore continue its geographical expansion. This localization strategy is essential to meet the quality of service promise that ALTIOS is committed to its customers, but also to offer them access to new markets. From 2022, we plan to open 2 new subsidiaries, in Switzerland and Japan, with other locations to follow in the next 5 years in the G30. We will continue to innovate by strengthening and developing new business lines, such as international HR services and external growth, to support our clients with even greater performance,” continues Bruno Mascart, President and co-founder of Altios.