India’s fast-growing crypto exchange, Flitpay joins hands with digital wallet infrastructure provider, Liminals to upgrade its user fund security. This collaboration aims to elevate the security and custody capabilities of Flitpay with reliable EVM-based withdrawals and automated hot wallet refills of Liminals.

This landmark partnership will protect the fund of Flitpay customers from the plethora of emerging crypto-specific risks and provide them seamless access to their digital assets anytime. With the customizable infrastructure and highly secure multi-signature cold storage solutions of Liminals, Flitpay will cement its position as India’s most secure crypto exchange platform.

Their joint forces will also boost the speed and accuracy of transactions on Flitpay to significantly reduce users’ withdrawal costs.

Commenting on this move, the Founder and CEO of Flitpay, Akash Bansal, said, “Customer experience is our foremost priority, and integration with Liminal will automate the process by 80%, making withdrawals faster and safer for all Flitpay users. It will also ensure customers that their funds are in safe and reliable hands”. 

Ashish Sangai, who co-founded Flitpay with Akash, added that 

“To encourage crypto adoption in India, it is necessary to establish trust among people also; being one of the known Indian cryptocurrency exchanges, it’s our duty to provide user’s fund security they deserve.

“Professionalization in fun security & withdrawal is ineluctable for any crypto firm amid the surging trading volumes of the crypto market. Flitpay and Liminals will be working as a team to provide Flitpay users with the added trust and assurance,” said Mahin Gupta, the founder of Liminals. 

As a leading player, Flitpay has launched industry-first Physical Crypto Gift cards and a unique crypto staking portal this year. By fostering trust and credibility in the sector, Flitpay sees itself at the forefront of Crypto growth and penetration in India and its neighbouring countries. It plans to continue scaling its efforts and innovations to inculcate cryptocurrency in the lives of ordinaries.

About Flitpay

Flitpay is one of the nation’s safest and fastest-growing cryptocurrency exchanges based in India. Built with user experience and security in mind, Flitpay is known for its highly competitive trading fee structure, innovative features, and exemplary customer service. Flitpay is becoming a new hotspot for crypto traders and investors, with a customer base in lakhs and everyday transactions in crores. It is slowly emerging as the category-definer for seamless trading, investing, and staking of digital assets. Not only this, but Flitpay also focuses on educating peers about the crypto industry, which still is in the flush of development.

About Liminal

Liminal is an ISO-certified self-custody wallet management service provider to crypto-native companies to help them to scale their digital asset operations securely. It gives a robust and customizable digital wallet infrastructure through zero-key leakage tolerance that mitigates the risks associated with cryptocurrencies. This platform is curated carefully with an excellent framework, efficient fee management, seamless onboarding, and many other wallet operations.