Let Equator’s Sensor dry feature take care of your time and clothes for you

Only Washing is a thing of yesterday, Equator’s All in one Combo Washer-Dryer gives you Washing, Drying and more in one single unit. With a strong work ethic and desire to give the best value to its customers, Equator Advanced Appliances always keeps Innovation and precision to quality work as their top priority. With these attributes, they have successfully entitled CEDIA Expo Virtual – Best of Show for Most Innovative and Unique Products award twice. Keeping their main agenda to provide Innovative, Practical, Top-Quality Appliances that save time, space, and energy, they are continuously striving to make people’s lives stress-free with their Innovation. This time again, they have come up with yet another advanced feature that saves time and dries clothes in a short span of time.

The Super Combo is such a versatile washing machine that offers three options for dying: Sensor drying, 60-minute dry time, 12-minute refresh dry. Keeping in mind the time constrictions that users have along with their need to multitask, the Sensor Dry feature is designed in such a way that helps in saving energy and time. With advanced intelligent programs installed in this washing machine, it automatically senses how much time would be required to dry the clothes and automatically stops once the clothes are dry. This unique feature allows them to carry on their other tasks without constantly worrying about their need to check on the time the machine would take to dry their clothes. In fact it saves their time for smaller loads which would take less time to dry while a traditional machine would keep on drying it until the cycle time is completed causing more electricity usage and higher bills.

What also sets this Equator Super Combo EZ 5000 CV distinct from others is its optional Vented (using hot air) or Condensing dry (using water) that can be used according to the season at the convenience of the user. What’s more, this feature operates so profoundly that Vented causes 30% faster drying due to better airflow than the ventless option. Due to its high spin speed of 1400RPM, it can extract more water that in turn reduces dry time. No matter how heavy your clothes are, whether sarees or blankets, the users don’t have to worry about keeping a constant check on their clothes as Sensor dry does this job for them. Thus this uniquely designed Sensor dry feature helps in saving their time, effort, money and making life comfortable and easy.

Keeping in mind the preferability of colours, the designers designed it in two colour variants, white and silver, giving the buyers the choices to buy it among their likeability. Offering multifaceted options like Advanced features- Automatic water and heat level, Delay start, Reload option auto start, this machine is constantly gaining its top significance among the buyers. Moreover, It offers other Convenience features – End of the cycle chime, 16 India specific wash and dry programs, Quiet cycle, Sanitize to kill viruses and germs, User safety and product safety. This machine comes with built-in diagnostics, which makes it user friendly. What makes it a time saver and a reliable machine is its additional optional pump option, which draws the water from other sources during the time of emergency.

With its incredible features like Sensor dry that provide the best convenience to the customers with their time, it makes a perfect match for any household looking for innovative and advanced features that could simplify their daily chores. Starting from just the price range of Rs 59,000, the washing machines come in 9 kgs weight load capacity. The product is available with 2 years warranty on the brand’s website and through top retailers like Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm, Snapdeal and Croma .

 About Equator Advanced Appliances

Established in 1991 by Indian-origin Atul Vir, Equator Advanced Appliances is located in Houston, Texas, and has a presence across North America, Canada, Europe, Mexico, and Vietnam. The company offers the most efficient, highest quality, and technologically advanced appliances. Its range of appliances include Combo Washer-Dryers, Washers, Dishwashers, Refrigerators, Cleaning Appliances, Air-Conditioners and Cooktops. Equator’s vision is to make appliances that ease labor, time, and energy in doing household chores. The company has designed best-in-class technology that saves Energy, Water, and Detergent. The products also help reduce pollutants, which contaminate water resources. The brand is committed to the global responsibility towards managing Earth’s resources and preventing waste without any loss of performance.

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