Earth's worst-case climate disaster, scientists
CentralAsia (CA) –  Scientists have confirmed a worst-case scenario for a climate catastrophe at the University of Leeds in the UK and the Danish Meteorological Institute, Correspondent magazine writes.Experts estimated the rate of sea level rise over the past 20 years and came to the conclusion that the worst of the forecasts awaits the Earth.

Satellite data indicate that the melting of ice in Antarctica from the 90s of the XX century to the present moment has raised the level of the world ocean by 7.2 millimeters. Water from the Greenland ice sheet added another 10.6 millimeters.

Now scientists are recording a rise in the water level by 4 millimeters annually. This suggests that the melting of polar ice was faster than expected in climate models.

Earth's worst-case climate disaster, scientists
Experts predict that the melting of glaciers will lead to an additional 17 centimeters of sea level rise. This will lead to more frequent storms in many coastal areas.