Acnes and pimples have proven to be a challenge that many youngsters grapple with and some continue to do so well into their adulthood. One of the few skincare treatments that addresses the issue is the traditional use of turmeric paste on the skin. However, the method is neither easy to use nor popular because of the yellow stains of turmeric on clothes, pillows and skin.

“That’s where pyoura™ Turmeric Water comes in” says Amit Varma, cofounder. Turmeric is proven in fighting acne and pimples. “pyoura™ Turmeric Water brings the benefits without the hassles of stains. Even better, its pH value is magically aligned to that of our skin making it that all important pH balancer.”

The pyoura™ range delivers the skincare goodness of plants in their purest form through an innovative process of extraction that uses no chemicals and guarantees 100% purity. “We have successfully extended our innovative process to other materials such as Tulsi, Rose and Neem”, says co-founder Rajesh Singh. “That makes pyoura™ alcohol and paraben free. And 100% natural”, he adds.

Brand pyoura™ , launched by AyurFresh Greens LLP, a start-up founded by these two IIT / IIM Ahmedabad alumni, promises to revolutionise the convergence between science and tradition as far as skincare goes.

The Indian skincare market is estimated at over $7 bn growing at over 8% per annum. Facial care accounts for the bulk of this market. Research indicates that discerning consumers, particularly young working women, are gravitating towards the herbal / natural proposition, driven mostly by worries around use of chemicals in skincare products.

The brand is offered in an easy-to-use spray mist format – another first in India making it a convenient on-the-go companion.

While the adoption of the basic ‘cleanse-tone-moisturize’ skincare routine is growing, its current penetration is only 12% says a study, offering a tremendous opportunity for growth. Even more, growing faster is the premium end of the market suggesting that the Indian consumer is willing to pay a premium for the assurance of safe to use natural skincare products.

pyoura™ is well placed to ride these trends. Other ingredients as well as product forms are already on the anvil. This gives it a shot at several other skincare propositions such as blemish management, exfoliation and anti-ageing.

Such innovations could reward the Company with handsome growth.

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About AyurFresh Greens LLP

pyouraTM skincare is an initiative of AyurFresh Greens LLP, a company founded by IIT / IIM alumni.

Driven by their passion for and experience in bringing technology driven innovation to business, particularly in value-adding processing of agricultural produce, the company aims to bring to the table a series of personal and healthcare products.

pyouraTM face mists are currently available in 100 ml spray bottles in 4 variants – Turmeric, Tulsi, (MRP Rs. 675/- per unit each), Rose (MRP Rs. 450/- per unit) and Neem (MRP Rs. 550/- per unit). They are available on the company’s website ( and on Amazon.