Amrit Singh Sachdeva was a Chandigarh, India native. He was raised in a Sikh family. He arrived in the UK as a refugee in 2001 and has been living in the UK ever since.

GSC Management Amrit Pal Singh Sachdeva encourages all Sikh organizations and individuals to join GSC in its efforts to serve Sikh communities and spread Sikhi awareness to the non-Sikh population.

Sikh Wisdom allows you to ask questions about Sikhi on a Q&A site. Sikh Scholars or other qualified persons can answer any question you may have about Sikhi. This platform was created in order to assist everyone, particularly the Sikh community, in learning about the message of Bani, as enshrined by Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. Anyone who wants to learn more about Sikhism or increase their knowledge of Gurbani can use this platform.

GSC’s mission is to represent Sikhs around the world. GSC provides a platform for Sikh communities around the world to voice their concerns to government and non-governmental agencies. Sikhi Renaissance and Sikhi Parsaar are just some of the many projects they have. These projects are intended to spread Sikhi’s message among youth and instill Gurbani values.

Sikh scholars answered nearly 2000 questions in very little time. A lot of attention is also paid to the Perspectives and Principles of Sikhism sections. These sections allow users to learn more about Sikhi topics. For children under 16 years old, the Kids Zone page can be accessed to find out more about Sikhism and Sikh History.

GSC works with other organizations to offer services in different areas for the Global Sikh Community. This network currently includes EkamSikh, Sikh Wisdom, and other organizations.

The Voice of the Sikhs around the World, the Global Sikh Council, met Saturday, March 26, to hold its annual general assembly. Amrit Sing Sachdeva, the founder of Sikh Wisdom, was unanimously elected President of the Global Sikh Council.

Access the platform on all devices at The Sikh Wisdom app can be downloaded on both Android as well as IOS.