No matter your morphology, certain clothes have the gift of sublimating all silhouettes. Zoom in on those pieces that you may already have in your wardrobe … or Not.

These pieces that highlight all body types

  • High waist jeans
  • V-neck blouse
  • The wrap dress
  • The midi skirt
  • Palazzo pants
  • The little black dress

V-neck blouse

To lengthen your legs and enhance your figure, high waisted jeans are the one for you. Whether slim, straight or flared, its flattering cut sublimates all body types in the blink of an eye. In addition to accompanying you every season, high waisted jeans are simply timeless. It is therefore a very good investment, and you will not regret it! It puts on every morning without the fuss and that’s why we love it even more. With sneakers, ankle boots, heels, a perfecto, a trench coat or a bathrobe, it can be worn with absolutely everything!

V-neck blouse

Because it clears the neck and thus highlights the chest, the V-neck blouse is one of those pieces that have the gift of sublimating all body types. Today there are many models, some of which fit perfectly with the latest trends of the moment. Prints, ruffles, puffed sleeves, a wrap cut … In store or on online sites, you will have no trouble finding the V-neck blouse that suits you best!

The wrap dress

Whether you are round or slim, the wrap dress – also known as the wrap dress – is the piece that will highlight you like no other. Tied with a small tie or a larger knot depending on the model, it emphasizes the waist to reveal all the sensuality of women. Today, it is available to infinity to satisfy the tastes and desires of each. Floral, ruffled or plain, the wrap dress has everything to seduce you! If you don’t have it in your closet yet, now is the time to fix it.

The midi skirt

It’s been many years since we’ve seen the midi skirt take center stage on the fashion scene. Brought up to date at the very end of the 1940s with Christian Dior’s New Look, this truly retro piece is making a big comeback. Recognizable by its rather loose shape and its length reaching below the knees, the midi skirt can sometimes be frightening. But rest assured, it is not as memorizing as you think! On the contrary, it adapts to all styles and sublimates all body types by lengthening the silhouette.

Palazzo pants

With its vaporous fabric, high waist and wide legs, palazzo pants have the advantage of flattering all figures. Trendy piece of the moment, it goes with everything and its elegant and relaxed side makes it suitable for many occasions. With a simple white t-shirt, a crop top, a rolled up blouse or a bodysuit, it always has its effect. And if we love it so much, it’s because it goes just as well with a pair of trainers as with heeled sandals. An XXL model that gives allure while enhancing the silhouette!

The little black dress

The unbeatable. The little black dress remains today one of the fashion basics to have absolutely in your wardrobe. For years, this one has flattened all women, whatever their morphology. Its sobriety, elegance and timelessness make it an unrivaled ally, whether in everyday life or for larger occasions. To highlight its shapes, it is preferably chosen cinched at the waist and flared at the hips. The wrap cut is also a safe bet.